Conrad Treasury Casino
A big casino backs a little agency and wins!

When Conrad Treasury Casino put five creative briefs out to pitch‚ HarrisonNess won four of the five television projects against a line-up of multinational agencies from Brisbane and Sydney.

Project One: convey a sense of being absorbed in an enjoyable activity. Solution One: Life’s little annoyances can’t bug you when you are absorbed in the fun offered at the Casino.

Project Two: Affirm that mature people need not act in the stereotypical manner they believe others expect of them. Solution Two: We film an actual casting session and ask people to act their age
– of course they can’t‚ no one can.

Project Three: Convey the rejuvenating effect a little fun and entertainment can have. Solution Three:
A lethargic Cuckoo takes a break from his repetitive duties at the clock and faces the morning with renewed vigour.

Project Four: Convey the sense of social cohesion enjoyed through sharing fun with a cross-section
of people at the Casino. Solution Four: People from all walks of life find their oasis at the Casino
– with a little inspiration from Monty Python’s Ministry of Funny Walks.

Following these TV projects‚ HarrisonNess was rostered as Conrad Treasury and Treasury Casino’s agency for non-gaming-related advertising. Some examples here include a radio campaign for Premiers bar‚ brand ID and launch press for the LAB bar‚ various press ads for Conrad International hotel packages and restaurants‚ a directional freeway banner‚ and a solid gold outdoor campaign leveraging the Australian hosting of the Olympic Games.