HarrisonNess helps turn a business
into a #@?%+!&^ brand.

One of our clients‚ a world-beater at manufacturing and marketing steel buildings‚ asked us to create a new website to sell a range of garden sheds online‚ direct to the public. Some ‘fully-integrated’ agencies might begin a project like that by outlining their ability to generate cross-platform e-markets‚ deploy next-generation infrastructures‚ aggregate distributed ROI and exploit end-to-end eyeballs.

We‚ on the other hand‚ just said no #@?%+!&^ worries and created with its no-nonsense‚ yet strangely attractive host‚ the Nasty Gnome. The site is simple‚ fun‚ user-friendly‚ informative – and it generated over a quarter of a million dollars in sales in its first 12 months; from a standing start; and with no mainstream advertising support. What’s more‚ gauging from the tone of the correspondence from customers‚ people seem to enjoy interacting electronically with the brand (we call that building a relationship).