AIS Media
Good media planing is about good intelligence.
We think this is kinda intelligent too.

One of the projects we undertook for AIS Media‚ then under the leadership of Teena Jameson‚ was a Queensland Media Map. It was a media ready reckoner‚ providing pertinent facts about all significant media available to advertisers in the Sunshine State. We immediately saw an opportunity that transcended the brief.

Our concept was to create an icon representing media intelligence – a fly on the wall of media consumers. We commissioned an artist to create a fly sculpture from media/information related components – circuit boards‚ antennas and valves‚ type writers and so on. The photographic image of that sculpture featured on the Media Map. Subsequently‚ it featured on other promotional material for AIS Media‚ and the original sculpture took pride of place on a wall in the media agency’s foyer.